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The provision of service or important needs to a child is a very crucial and important thing.
    A child is the church and the future generation of tomorrow. If you provide service to a child, you have built the future generation . In my own opinion then it is every ones responsibility to give necessary services spiritually & physically to the children ,especially those living in very difficult conditions. It is important that ,a child should be embraced ,helped and brought up well in order to have a better future generation and to save the families of tommorrow.

Mr. S.R.Collins
Discipline Master.
The school is a community where parents, pupils and the community as a whole struggle to educate the young and to nurture them into well-developed individuals who are capable of functioning fully as members of their society. The importance of discipline in learning institutions is emphasized in all societies. Different strategies have been divided for maintaining discipline in schools so as to produce an effective learning environment and enable pupils to benefit from their school life. The methods differ from society to society and with changing time and attitudes. In our societies these methods have involved the combination of counseling, reprimand and punishment. Punishment is resorted after lack of response to the first two. It is therefore an essential tool in the upbringing of the child, be it the home, at school or in the community. Punishment may take place in many forms like; Corporal punishment, Suspension and Expulsion whether the learner is too indiscipline to fit in the society.

    Sister Marcelina Masha
School Headmistress.
Many parents move from place to another looking for the schools which will enable their children to get quality education; the answer for those who have not yet got where to take their children is Adolph Kolping English Medium Primary School (AKEMPS) where children are molded not only academically but also Spiritually,Culturally, Socially as well as moral development is concerned. The school has got the competitive, experienced and knowledgeable teachers and formatters. The teachers who are so kind, parental and lovely to children. I therefore, strongly assure you that once you send your son/daughter to AKEMPS, you will never regret.
Our school does not discriminate the denominations as it caters for all denominations. The future holds a lot of hope because our staff has stood the test of time ready to reach greater heights. This is manifested by regular meetings that are held by teachers to exchange teaching ideas and skills.
Indeed with our cooperation diligent and fore sighted teaching staff, we started at a low profile until we rose to what we are today. We usually believe that a strong foundation is the pillar of academic excellence in academic performance.