Joining AKEMP School.

We have two entry points of admission . AKEMPS admits pupils of the age ranging between 4 and 6 years for Pre-Primary School I and II respectively, and ages ranging between 7 and 14 years) for Standards I-VII regardless of the religious denominations.
Choosing what School to take your Child is not easy for many parents . We understand that it is a decision that has a long term impact on you and your family . We advice that you use the information given below to help you decide if AKEMP School is the best choice for him or her.
We kindly request you to use the contacts information so as if you have any questions you can contact us through e-mails and phone calls or you can visit us anytime and discuss any extra information you may need in regard to the followings: Vacancy availability, Our Curriculum ,Our mode of instruction, Our approach to discipline

For application you can collect or CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICA
and complete the appropriate application form and submit it with supporting documents or post it to:-
AKEMPS Headteacher,
P.O.BOx 1236
Bukoba ,Tanzania
Mob. +255- 765741807
E-mail address:

AKEMPS School Bursar,
P.O.BOx 1236
Bukoba ,Tanzania
Mob. +255- 753822070

Kolping National HeadQuarters
Plot 7 LD Maruku Road ,Baramaga Estate,
P.O.Box 1236,
Tel. +255-282221236
E-mail address:

The application fee must accompany the application form in order for it to be processed.The applicant is then required to sit for an interview at school.
If you feel AKEMPS is the right school for your child, the next step is to apply for a place before the relevant deadline.